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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I place my cake order?

For party cakes, we would recommend placing your order a week in advance to guarantee the size, flavor, and design you are looking for. 

Some elaborate designs require more notice, like tiered party cakes or detailed fondant work. For these cakes, we would recommend placing your order at least one to two weeks in advance.

For wedding cakes, we would recommend finalizing your order 1 month in advance of your date. Changes and final guest counts can be made 2 weeks before your date at the latest.

One of my guests has a nut allergy. Can nuts be removed for certain flavors? 

Yes, nuts can be removed from a batter for an additional charge. Though, we are not a nut free facility and can not guarantee that your cake has not come into contact with nuts.

One of my guests has a gluten allergy/has Celiac. 

We do offer gluten free cakes and cupcakes that can be seen on our Flavors page. We are not a gluten free facility, but we do everything in our power to prevent cross contamination. However, we can not guarantee this.

How tall will my cake be?

For party cakes, your cake will range from 3.5 - 5" depending on flavor and size of your cake. Our 2 layer cakes are usually 3.5 - 4", while

the 3 layer cakes are usually 4.5 - 5". 

For wedding cakes, each tier will be 4 - 5" tall depending on flavor and filling choice.

How long can my cake sit out?

At room temperature, your cake can sit out for 4-6 hours. We recommend your cake is placed in the shade or indoors for your event

and is not left out in the sun.

If your event is not until the next day, we recommend keeping your cake in the fridge and taking it out at least an hour before serving. We recommend your cake is eaten at room temperature to ensure moistness.

The design I'm looking for has dark colors, will the buttercream taste different?

There are certain buttercream colors we do not recommend, as they either fade in the light or taste bitter due to the amount of food coloring needed.

Very light pink and purple tend to fade, while grey buttercream tends to fade to green or purple, depending on the undertones. Black buttercream has a bitter taste and stains the mouth!

Keep these tips in mind when looking for certain cake designs!

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