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Get started on your custom party cake!

Step 1: Date

Tells us your pickup date! How much time we have to complete your order may affect what we are able to achieve.

Step 2: Servings

Let us know how many servings you need. You can have all your servings in the cake, or add goodies on the side!

Step 3: Design

What type of design are you looking for?  Send us your inspirational photos to get your quote started!

Step 4: Flavors

Mix and match our cakes and fillings to create your own

 flavor! Or choose a classic pairing that is sure to please everyone.



Your pickup date determines what we can offer for design options for your cake!

The more notice we have, the more design options we are able to guarantee.

Please take these time frames into consideration when starting your order - but always check in with us to see what our availability is!

Basic + Simple

5-7 Business Days

Premium + Deluxe

7-14 Business Days


14+ Business Days

Tiered Cakes

1+ Month



6" Round

2 Layer
Serves 6
Starts at $50

3 Layer
Serves 10
Starts at $65

8" Round

2 Layer
Serves 12
Starts at $70

3 Layer
Serves 18
Starts at

10" Round

2 Layer
Serves 20
Starts at $90

3 Layer
Serves 28
Starts at $115

12" Round

2 Layer
Serves 30
Starts at $120

3 Layer
Serves 42
Starts at $155


1/4 Sheet

2 Layer
Serves 24
Starts at $95


12" Square

2 Layer
Serves 36
Starts at $145


1/2 Sheet

2 Layer
Serves 48
Starts at $150


16" Square

2 Layer
Serves 64
Starts at $200


Full Sheet

2 Layer
Serves 96
Starts at $300


IMG_4899 2.jpg

Looking for a tiered cake for your special event?

Click below for more details!

Tiered Options

Custom Designs

Our specialty is customization to fit your event!

We are able to design cakes for all types of events - from children's birthdays, to milestone achievements,  

to elegant anniversaries.

The total cost of the design will depend on the type of artwork. Key elements that affect the cost are 

materials used and 

production time.

If you have a design in mind or inspiration photos, we highly recommend starting your quote via email!

Looking for inspiration?

Click through our social media and galleries below.

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  • TikTok

Basic Designs

Not looking for anything custom?

Choose from one of our basic designs to best fit your event.


Buttercream Roses


Streamers + Confetti


Bakery Dollops

One Basic design option is included with starting price of the cake as listed above.



 We offer over 15 different cake flavors that can be paired with over 20 filling and torte options!

Usually, any cake flavor can be paired with any design that you are looking to order.


Pudding Chiffon


Chocolate Fudge


Flavor of the Month

Not sure which flavor to choose?

Order a tasting plate to discover which flavor is your favorite!

Click below to see all of our flavor options.

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