Basic Cake

Your choice between Roses (3 color Max), Steamers & Confetti (colors theme in primary, pastel, or neon) or Bakery Dollops and Sprinkle (3 color Max)

Simple Butter Cream

Choice of Rosettes (1 color Max), Ombre (choice of base color), Edible Image with embellishments to your theme, Build Up (can include toys, scenery, pieces & white chocolate decor), Basic Piping top or sides of the cake, Airbrushing or Drip cakes.

Premium Buttercream

Choice of two or more or more elements in the simple buttercream category example: ombre and ganache drip.

Simple Fondant

Includes fondant cover, shape cutouts (polka dots, stars, stripes, etc, 3 color theme max), can include an edible image or small 2D fondant pieces.

Premium Fondant

Includes basic fondant decor, more than 3 color themes. Can include use of different edible medium, some small 3D fondant pieces or multiple 2D fondant pieces.

Unicorn Cakes

A 6" or 8" - 3 layer cake, with buttercream base and mane with fondant horn and ears (your choice of color). We can also do other animal, please call to find out more.

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